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Walking Tall
When a rare condition left teenager Megan Silcott paralyzed, her dreams of a future in fashion and acting were put on hold —until Kennedy Krieger helped her walk the runway at New York Fashion Week. (Potential Magazine) — read article

Getting into the Groove of Meditation
Meditation seems to be everywhere lately, from talk shows to smartphone apps. Experts discuss the current "mindful revolution," the medical benefits of meditation, and how to get started. (The Baltimore Sun, Health & Wellness cover story) — read article

Wash No More
The secret to better hair is ... not washing it? The "no shampoo" movement is just one part of a growing trend toward natural haircare and beauty. (Her Mind Magazine) — read article

The Comeback Kid
How the Neurobehavioral Unit at Kennedy Krieger helped a desperate family save their young son with self-injurious and aggressive behavior. (Cover story for Kennedy Krieger Institute's publication; Potential) — read article

We’re Gonna Beat Trachoma
Sheila West is on a mission to eradicate the world’s leading infectious cause of blindness.
(Cover story for Johns Hopkins’ Wilmer Eye Institute publication; Sightline) — download PDF

Getting Away With the Girls
All-female tours provide built-in camaraderie for solo women travelers.
(AAA World) — download PDF

Why I Love ... Baltimore
Restaurateur Qayum Karzai has a taste for midtown.
(Arrive) — download PDF